BBT History

  • BBT's Board of Directors is comprised of 12 Church of the Brethren members who are experts in law, finance, benefits, or investments.
  • Ministries are compassionately managed to provide savings for members, not profit for a corporate bottom line.
  • Ministries are undergirded by a strong investment philosophy, with assets invested in socially responsible ways.

Who Is BBT?

  • BBT is an official not-for-profit agency reportable to Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, the denomination's highest elected authority.
  • Founded in 1943 as the Pension Board, BBT has a long tradition of caring service for Church of the Brethren members and agencies.
  • BBT staff consists of people of faith who provide pension and insurance services, asset and gift plan management, and financial assistance for retired church workers in need.
  • Most of BBT’s staff works from the Church of the Brethren General Offices in Elgin, Ill.

Building financial security

Bettering the world


Brethren Benefit Trust provides retirement benefits, health and welfare benefits, asset management, and financial advocacy to pastors, employees, and members of the greater Church of the Brethren community.

Since it began as the Pension Board in 1943, BBT has been called to serve its members and clients, and we are thankful for that opportunity.